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Trimph is an Australian biomedical company with five pipeline products. The technology is an injectable medical device that accelerates the natural regeneration of cartilage, bone, and numerous interface tissues. The biosafety and efficacy of the invention have been confirmed by a series of in vitro cell and in vivo animal studies.

To date, Trimph has received upwards of $2.5 million in the form of both public grant and private investment; the company has a fully operational cleanroom production facility compliant with GMP principles. Trimph’s product development plans are based on clinical input from the company’s network of key opinion leaders.

Trimph President, Founder, Dr Ali Fathi is the co-inventor of the 4 patents that are exclusively licensed to Trimph for commercialization and further development. Dr Fathi is an alumnus of NSW Medical Device Commercialization Training Program. Trimph’s board of directors is established to provide technical and entrepreneurial expertise required to commercialise a startup biomedical company.

Our People

Dr Ali Fathi  .


Ali was instrumental in transitioning Trimph from a University research project to a tangible corporate entity. Ali developed Trimph’s technology during his PhD at the University of Sydney. Ali is an alumnus of the NSW Government Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program from ATP Innovation. Ali’s biochemical/medical and entrepreneurial aptitude provide both the technological and commercial expertise upon which the company is based.

Terence Abrams  .


Terence’s Chemical Engineering background and his pervious experiences as CTO and Production Manager of two biomedical start-up companies provide the expertise necessary to manage Trimph’s production and further product development. Terence was instrumental in securing the capital investments, necessary to co-found Trimph. Terence will oversee all future business and product development of the company.

Dean Miller


Dean is an entrepreneur, specialising in developing and monetizing start-up businesses. Dean’s experience in marketing, corporate networking and access to funding is crucial for further development of Trimph. Dean is a pioneer and has an uncanny ability to identify emerging markets and business ideas.

Ian Abrams


Ian is a compounding pharmacist and previous Managing Director with almost 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical and medical-related industries. Ian brings a wealth of corporate expertise in his ability to manage large companies in the medical field. Ian is personable and well versed in the medical industry; these qualities are essential in his role of business development and to establish networks of clinicians.

Marjan Mikel  .


Marjan brings a wealth of international experience (28 years) from the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Marjan has been involved in bringing new medical devices and pharmaceuticals to the market with experience in Europe, USA and Asia Pac/Japan. Marjan’s access to and knowledge of the industry is an invaluable asset in the company’s progression.

Dr Peter Tsakaris


Peter (DDS, MSc Dent, FCD OMFS, MDent OMFS) is a practising maxillofacial surgeon and Trimph’s Clinical Advisor. Dr Tsakiris provides clinical input into the development of Trimph’s product range as well as oversee planned human preclinical testing. Peter brings national and international key opinion leaders in his area of expertise, necessary for Clinical Trials.


Dr Teresa Nicoletti


Dr Teresa Nicoletti is both a lawyer and scientist with more than 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Teresa’s expertise includes regulatory and reimbursement issues; patent protection and infringement; product liability; corporate governance and compliance; clinical research; promotion and advertising; product safety and recalls; and competition and consumer law.

Our Technology

Smart Polymer

The smart polymer consists of five main building blocks that are chemically bonded to make a new molecule. These five monomers are temperature responsive (TR), Injectable (I), Modifiable (M), peptide binding group (PH) and anti-septic (S) units. The  physical properties of the Trimph’s products are tuned  by changing the composition of the polymer to match different clinical needs for different applications.  


Peptides with different biological properties are selected and chemically bonded to the smart polymer.  In different Trimph product the uniquely modifiable molecular structure of the smart polymer allows for the controllable release of peptides to stimulate cell signalling and to expedite the natural repairing process of different tissues. 


Trimph is a revolutionary injectable medical device that regenerates hard and soft tissue. At room temperature, Trimph is liquid and able to be injected into desired locations. When the material heats to body temperature it forms an elastic gel that stays at the site without the need for physical containment. Trimph is gradually absorbed by the body, breaking down to non-toxic and biocompatible components. The unique regenerative capability of Trimph is based on its scaffolding properties and its selectable biological mediators. 


Cosmetic Filler

TrimphGelTM is an injectable filler that regenerates dermal tissue and rejuvenates skin. The novel combination of smart polymer and cell signalling components works to provide longer lasting cosmetic benefits. At room temperature, Trimphgel is liquid and is administrated through an extra-fine, un-invasive needle (26G). When it heats to body temperature it forms an elastic filler. A cocktail of 7 peptides are used in combination with the customised smart polymer to enhance the natural formation of elastin and collagen in epithelial tissues, control the inflammatory response and increase the natural formation of blood vessels under skin to rejuvenate the tissue. TrimphGel is elastic and contained at the site of the injection, the temperature responsive nature of the product allows a surgeon to remould the filler by decreasing the temperature, if required.


Surgical Sealant


TrimphSealTM is a surgical sealant that can instantly adhere to an active bleeding site to induce coagulation.  The temperature responsive nature of the smart polymer enables deep tissue delivery of TrimphSeal as it immediately changes from liquid form to an adhesive gel.  The inclusion of anti-septic components in the structure of the smart polymer reduces the likelihood of an infection and mediates the inflammatory response. The cocktail of the peptides are chosen according to the wound location and other specific clinical requirements.



TrimphDentTM is a dental implant stabiliser that promptly regenerates both bone and periodontal soft tissues. Initially, Trimphdent’s glue-like properties work to physically stabilise the implants. The temperature responsive nature of the smart polymer enables deep tissue injection of TrimphDent as there is no need to reach to the site to cure the gel with UV light. A cocktail of 3 peptides are selected to increase the bone repair rate, enhance the formation of vascular networks at the site and to help the regeneration of periodontal tissues. TrimphDent also contains an anti-septic component in the structure of the smart polymer in order to prevent infections at the implant site. 




TrimphFlexTM is a cartilage regenerative technology that contains a novel smart polymer and chemically bonded growth factors and peptides. The smart backbone polymer is formulated to provide the required flexibility to the injectable gel. TrimphFlex is injected to the site with minimal invasion and consequently little damage to the joint. TrimphFlex can be used in conjugation with novel cartilage regeneration approaches such as stem cell delivery and micro-fracture subchondral treatment techniques. The controllable delivery of peptides and growth factors facilitates the regeneration of the damaged tissue.


Bone Glue

TrimphGlueTM is an adhesive biomaterial that can be directly injected to the trauma site to secure and stablise the bone fractures. Upon injecting, TrimphGlue transitions from its liquid phase to an adhesive gel. The peptide components that are bonded to the Trimphglue promote bone and vascular network formation unlike any other biomaterial. The inherent glue like properties of TrimphGlue and its regenerative capacity reduce the likelihood of open reduction surgeries and similarly shortens the recovery period. The smart polymer is formulated to provide adhesion and stabilisation, while the biological signalling component initiates bone and vascular network formation. 


Obtain exclusive license
from the University of Sydney

Trimph Technology has the exclusive license from the University of Sydney to use, commercialise and to further develop the portfolio of IPs. 


Laboratory equipped
and operational

Trimph’s Sydney based facility is fully equipped to aseptically synthesise the smart polymer backbone and formulate different Trimph pipeline products.  Central to the Trimph’s ability to produce sterile medical devices is the ISO Class 5 isolator, custom built freeze dryer attachment, which allow operators to maintain the integrity of the aseptic product in a state of the art clean room.  


Proven scalability

Inherent in the design of the facility and capacity of the processing equipment is the ability to scale up the production line. Initial test batches were small and performed to validate the equipment and the process. Trimph’s facility has proven scalability and it has validated production to provide enough product for almost 50 clinical uses.


Animal studies completed

Trimph has been tested on mice, rabbits, rats and sheep for a variety of different clinical applications. Further studies are planned to strengthen the products preclinical data package. Additionally, the planned studies will undoubtedly lead to improvements that will be owned by Trimph and included in the patent portfolio of the company. 


Production under GMP

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) follows an international set of guidelines that govern every aspect of production and facility management. Trimph’s facility, process and operators are GMP complaint to ensure the highest level of product quality and facility integrity. 

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